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Expertise is relative.

In the ultimate sense, I’m far from an ‘Apple Expert.’ There are thousands of people in the world who know more about Apple products than me. But in the relative sense (in my circle of friends) I am exactly that — an ‘Apple Expert.’

It’s nearly impossible to become an ultimate expert — to be truly one of the most knowledgeable or skilled people in the world about a given subject. It’s a great goal, but one that will take years to accomplish if you’re starting from page one. On your way to true expertise, it’s helpful to focus on becoming a relative expert in something you are passionate about.

Be the person that everyone comes to when they have a question about ______. Each time someone approaches you, you have the opportunity to influence them. They’ll share your advice, and your influence will compound.

As you become known in your spheres as a relative expert, you’ll find your knowledge and skill will continue to broaden. As a result your expertise and influence will continue to compound. And soon you may find yourself on the path to ultimate expertise — an incredible platform by which to influence others.